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Recovery Journey

Matthew Crays is a gifted musician and recording artist hailing from the vibrant music scene of Erie, PA. With a career spanning over a decade, he has carved his own path through the world of music, captivating audiences across the country with his unique blend of blues, folk, funk, and jazz.
His soulful melodies and poignant lyrics are a testament to his life's journey, marked by experiences of love, loss, and a steadfast commitment to recovery from addiction. Through his music, Matthew channels the raw emotions of his past into a harmonious narrative that resonates with listeners on a profound level.
Matthew's performances are an immersive experience, as he weaves together intricate guitar work and a mesmerizing voice that paints vivid stories of personal transformation and self-discovery. His commitment to sharing his truth and inspiring others through his art is nothing short of remarkable.
As he continues to evolve as an artist, Matthew Crays stands as a testament to the healing power of music, a beacon of hope for those on their own journeys of recovery, and a source of inspiration for all who appreciate the authentic and transformative essence of music.

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